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THE GYM I am Fulufhelo Siphuma.

A bit about myself Fulufhelo Siphuma is a Chartered accountant (currently working as an audit manager) and fitness motivator/trainer.

I started Fulufhelo Siphuma-fitness to encourage people to live a fitness lifestyle. Fulufhelo Siphuma- Fitness is all about transitioning fitness from just a subculture or a phase into a mainstream lifestyle. Work-life balance, wellness & fitness, eating well, and having enough sleep, are all the great goals we would like to achieve. The limitation to overcome is time. Over and above time, discipline, determination and self-drive are the qualities we must have. As a professional I know about the modern day work environment, with long hours of sitting, computer screen strains on our eyes, and unhealthy practices of daily take always. It is imperative that we prioritize wellness and healthy life.

our Courses

We help implement the following initiatives designed to make your workplace a healthier, more productive place.

Fitness Challenges

Fitness Topics

Workplace Wellness

Health Screenings

Health Fairs


Trainers For athletic women

Other ways that I am using to inspire change and also not only inspire change but give people the tools to action it.

Timetable I am involved in various social investments projects on my personal capacity .

I have partnered with Phalaphala FM to give fitness talks to 900 000 listenership on Tuesdays. I recently joined a National wellness day with other prominent brands such as ABSA, Investec, Dream body etc. hosted by SNG Grant Thornton.